Monitoring Challenges

Tool Proliferation with Limited Visibility

As networks grow, so too can the number of tools - depending on placement, the tool may only have a limited view of the network traffic on which to base its analysis.

Tool Oversubscription and Scalability

Growing volumes of traffic, not relevant to the tool, can cause oversubscription and vulnerabilities, forcing IT departments down an expensive path of “rip and replace”.

TAP/SPAN Port Contention

The limited number of TAPs or SPAN/mirror ports can cause contention across departments trying to access the information.

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligent GigaVUE H Series Flow Mapping® filtering capabilities for a powerful mapping engine
  • Optional GigaSMART® advanced packet modification including:
    • De-duplication for tool optimisation
    • Masking to address compliance concerns
    • Tunneling for extended visibility
  • Supports both 1Gb and 10Gb connections in a low profile 1RU chassis suitable for smaller environments
  • Clustering capability of up to four fabric nodes for a scalable monitoring infrastructure


  • Remote locations where traffic needs to be masked, sliced, or de-duplicated prior to being tunneled back to a centralised monitoring facility
  • Pervasive visibility into traffic flows of interest with the option of summarised NetFlow statistics across remote sites
  • Organisations with distributed processing centres or regional operation hubs such as mobile, power grid, and oil and gas
  • Environments requiring visibility in which space is at a premium eg. isolated wiring closets running critical servers