As well as providing a centralised platform for managing distributed GigaVUE-VM virtual fabric nodes, GigaVUE-FM:

  • Simplifies fabric management
  • Optimises maintenance and
  • Addresses automation for the asset and configuration control on the Gigamon G Series and H Series of Visibility Fabric nodes.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers centralised asset control for distributed physical and virtual Gigamon Visibility Fabric nodes
  • Scheduler executes updates to one or many physical fabric nodes - includes configuration, backup and restore functionality
  • Simple, simultaneous update of multiple nodes using robust CLI or web-based GUI
  • Scalable platform supports the Visibility Fabric across distributed Enterprises, Data Centres and Mobile Service Providers


  • Any Centralised Operations Centre/Team who needs to configure, direct and control traffic from a distributed network in/out to the relevant management and analysis tools
  • A converged, single infrastructure managed by multiple teams, each with unique perspectives and requirements
  • A progressive virtualised Data Centre migration that must maintain the same visibility and control during and after the move
  • Powerful Flow Mapping®  intelligence controls the volume of traffic delivered to management tools and systems